About Us

An Organization of Coaches & Specialists, Ethic Sports Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under section 8 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013. Formed with the vision to provide end to end solutions to rehabilitate the current sports scenario in India. Directed by the coaches & specialists from different domains each contributing his expertise and 10+ years of experience.


India lives in villages” were the golden words of Mahatma Gandhi many decades ago. Ironically after almost 50 years the data does not seem to disagree. Today a majority of the Indian population still live in the villages. Though there is substantial migration from rural to urban areas in India, still almost 68% of India continues to live in rural areas. The socio-economic census data (2011) released very recently said that almost 73% of the households were in rural areas. On the contrary, India’s vision today is highly urban centric. Cities are tipped to be the catalysts of growth in the future.

Since India’s Independence, Urban & Rural difference has been one such major obstacle in growth. While the urban areas with all the amenities getting richer contributing more to India’s GDP. The citizens in the urban can afford majority of Sports, Education & Healthcare facilities as the number of employment opportunities is higher. Same isn’t the case with semi-rural & rural area who often depends on agriculture fall behind in productivity due to the absence of the required amenities and skilled workforce.

On the contrary, It is a fact that Sports is not new for the rural sector, the champions born in this belt have already proved their mettle at multiple international events which gives us scope to uncover the true potential India has in its rural belt. Mary Kom, Vijender Singh, Yogeshwar Dutt, Sakshi Mallik, P.T Usha, Dutee Chand, Dipa Karmakar, Hima Das are few of the names which comes from Semi Rural & Rural Belts

Sports can be applied as a common tool to bridge some of the gap created in Education & Healthcare space as it can create ripple impacts through Overall Personality Development & Physical Health Management of it’s participants which can impact on the productivity & also the local economy.

  • A Platform to facilitate Sports Training Amongst Children & Youth for Mental & Physical Well-Being.
  • Sports demonstrates an excellent coordination between the brain and body wherein the brain formulates the winning strategy and the body hustle to execute it, on the other hand, sports impact on the career and health of a Human. Years of Training & Participation leads them to quality health and inculcates Emotional Quotient, Social Skills, making them a choice of an ideal employer.
  • Tap into Schools & Sports Facilities in Urban & Rural Areas and facilitate sports coaching.

Vision: 1 to Z Sports

To Build India through Sports: Using Sports as a medium for Human Resource Development addressing the key issues such as Skill Deficit, Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure, Livelihood and at the same time empowering potential talent to represent/uplift India’s Flag at the international community.


  • Broad basing Sports – Promoting Sports creating equal opportunities for men & women addressing the gaps created due to lack of facilities, opportunities and finance.
  • Social Development through Vijayee Bhava (Be Victorious) Initiative – Mobilize & Manage customised solutions to the potential champions scouted at the grassroots level enabling their Social betterment and better performance.
  • Rural Development – Projecting sports as an incubator for Skills enhancement Correlating Education, Healthcare and Livelihood, thus creating infrastructure and opportunities to enable economic growth of the region.
  • Gender Equality – Creating equal opportunities to the women through Sports as a medium and promoting Education and Healthcare initiatives in Women.
  • Creating Livelihood – Promoting Micro entrepreneurship and creating employment


SM Arif

Shri SM Arif alias Arif sahab began his career as a coach in 1972, appointed in the national coaches panel (1974) and then as a Chief National Coach of India (1997-2004) producing around 17 trainees representing India including the current chief coach of Indian Badminton Team P. Gopichand. Arif Sahab is known as the father of Indian Badminton for his contribution to the sport. He has been the recipient of  “Meritorious Service Award” – Badminton World Federation, “Padmashri & Dronacharya” – Government of India.

SM Arif brings in 45+ years of international and national experience contributing to the key areas of Athlete and Trainer Mentorship Programmes of Ethic Sports Foundation.

Ismail Baig

Ismail Baig is an Arjuna & Dronacharya Awardee. He is known as one of the finest Rowing coach in India. He has been serving the India as it’s National Coach since 2002 and a FISA (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron) Certified Coach.  He had been guiding the Indian Rowing Team for all major tournaments such as Olympics & Asian Games is hailed for producing 130+ international medals for India and 5 Arjuna Awardee’s.

Dharmendra Singh Yadav

Dharmendra Singh Yadav has been the youngest Arjuna Awardee and Olympian. He was India’s first ever professional boxer, won fights 6-0. A Commonwealth bronze medalist. DS Yadav holds a diploma in coaching from National Institute of Sports, Patiala and currently is among the elite coaches of India. The Olympian boxer Vikas Krishnan Yadav was mentored by him.

G. Mulini Reddy 

The first women in Indian Volleyball to be conferred with Arjuna Award (1974) Smt. Mulini Reddy was an exceptional Volleyball player who had represented India at many international meets and was a part of a Andhra Pradesh team which won 4 Nationals championships.

Victor Amalraj

Victor Amalraj is a former Indian footballer and a hero in many Kolkata derby. The former captain, who led Mohun Bagan and East Bengal .Amalraj played for all the three Kolkata giants. During his stint in Kolkata for 14 years, he was part of many golden moments for both East Bengal and Mohun Bagan.

Omkar Nath Yadav 

A promising pugilist who had cemented a place in the Andhra Pradesh & Telangana State Boxing since 1988. He has captained the state boxing team at various national events such has all India Inter-University Championship (Overall Champions leading Osmania University) , YMCA meets, Senior National Championships and many more. A coach for many national and international pugilists who was appointed as a Member of National Coaches Panel for the senior boxers by the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation, Omkarnath Yadav has played a role of assistant coach for the Indian Boxing Team at 1st Afro Asian Games and Team Coach at 1st Ahmet Comet International Boxing Championship, Turkey. Andhra Pradesh State team’s coach at Federation Cup, National Games and other National Events. Telangana State Team Boxing Coach at National Games of India, 2015 at other National Events. Other Coaching assignments include Andhra Pradesh Police, 1/9 Gurkha Rifles, 5 Assam and 8 Assam Military Units.

Dr. Mohan Gupta

Philanthropist, Medical Practitioner & President Indian Medical Association (Hyderabad Chapter)

Vinesh Raj

Senior Advocate

Kailashnath Yadav

A social entrepreneur, a former boxer who had served fitness service industry as a business development officer for 30 months before joining a PGDM (Marketing, Operations and Business Analytics) course. He has proved his abilities in business development, planning and executing business strategies while working with the secunderabad based Gold’s Gym (Franchisee of Gold’s Gym International) and Skill Development Company Edit Future Initiatives Pvt ltd. He has been voluntarily contributing to the promotion and development of sports before starting Ethic Sports Foundation. He has been the founding secretary of Chessboxing Association of Andhra Pradesh, Marketing & Event Manager for Telangana Boxing Association.

Kailashnath Yadav is a certified CSR Strategist from the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs. He plays the role of Managing Trustee and CEO at Ethic Sports Foundation.