Support 2000 Children from 10 Districts to Train in Sports

Success is when Talent meet Opportunities” 

While millions of Indians rejoice the very few achievements of our fellow Indians in Hockey, Wrestling, Boxing, Badminton, Shooting, Weightlifting and other sporting disciplines at the Olympics or any other international event, it is a fact that we Indians have much more potential in them which can only be uncovered with proper mapping of resources. This initiative of setting up sports coaching centre’s address the problem of lack of resources at the rural level.  This just don’t serve the purpose of Sports Coaching but also give additional benefits to the community by contributing to the Skill Development & Livelihood Generation.

Since India’s Independence, Urban & Rural difference has been one such major obstacle in growth. While the urban areas with all the amenities getting richer contributing more to India’s GDP, the rural areas who often depends on Agriculture due to the absence of the education, healthcare and other required amenities fall behind.

India lives in villages” were the golden words of Mahatma Gandhi many decades ago. Ironically after almost 50 years the data does not seem to disagree. Today a majority of the Indian population still live in the villages. Though there is substantial migration from rural to urban areas in India, still almost 68% of India continues to live in rural areas. The socio-economic census data (2011) released very recently said that almost 73% of the households were in rural areas. On the contrary, India’s vision today is highly urban-centric.

Why Invest in Rural?

  1. Promising Results – Sportspersons with their origin from the rural belt have proved their mettle at multiple international events; from Mary Kom (Manipur) to Vijender Singh (Bhiwani); Yogeshwar Dutt (Sonipat) to Sakshi Malik (Rohtak); P.T Usha (Kozhikode) to Dutee Chand (Gopalpur, Odisha).
  2. Foster Growth in Region by contributing to mitigate Rural-Urban Differentiation – With highly urban centric vision of India, around 70% of India’s Household’s miss the basic amenities of Healthcare & Education due to their location. By setting up a sports training centre in the inferior regions of India, We can atleast reduce the gap by training & evaluating skills, making the future generations employable and provide basic training taking care of the physical health needs. Creating employment opportunities through Sports.
  3. Contribute to the Global Goals such as No Poverty, Reduced Inequalities, Gender equality, Good Health & Well Being, Promoting Peace, Build sustainable cities (to avoid migration).


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