Rural Sports School

India lives in Villages” were the golden words said by Mahatma Gandhi many decades ago. Ironically after almost 50 years the data does not seem to disagree. The socio-economic census data (2011) released very recently said that almost 73% of the households were in rural areas. On the contrary, India’s vision today is highly urban centric.

Building India through Sports

Introduction: Sports demonstrates an excellent coordination between the brain and body wherein the brain formulates the winning strategy and the body hustle to execute it, on the other hand, sports do impact on the career and health of a Human. Better brain & body coordination and quality health developed over the years of training, High Emotional Quotient with Life Skills & competitive spirit developed through the experience he or she gained participating in the competitions in the tender age, the social skills they gain by networking and PR at the State or National meets and the “Champions” attitude they eventually equip make them better than those non-sporting persons. Since Sports go hand in hand with Healthcare & Career (Education & Skills), Rural Sports School initiative focus on these key aspects of Human Resource Development in the early age of 4 to 14 years. Ethic Sports Foundation aims at Building India through Sports with goals being Skill Development, Rural Development and Promoting micro level employment opportunities to provide quality livelihood in rural India.

Background: “India lives in villages” were the golden words of Mahatma Gandhi many decades ago. Ironically after almost 50 years the data does not seem to disagree. Today a majority of the Indian population still live in the villages. Though there is substantial migration from rural to urban areas in India, still almost 68% of India continues to live in rural areas. The socio-economic census data (2011) released very recently said that almost 73% of the households were in rural areas. On the contrary, India’s vision today is highly urban centric. Cities are tipped to be the catalysts of growth in the future.

Since India’s Independence, Urban & Rural difference has been one such major obstacle in growth. While the urban areas with all the amenities getting richer contributing more to India’s GDP, the rural areas who often depends on agriculture fall behind, due to the absence of the required amenities.

With the vision of Building India through Sports, Ethic Sports Foundation, a non-profit organization led by the master coaches Omkarnath Yadav (former national boxing coach), SM Arif (Padmashri & Dronacharya awardee, former national chief badminton coach), N. Brijkishore (National Gymnastics Coach), Dharmendra Singh (Olympian, Arjuna Awardee & National Boxing Coach) who’ve been struggling to find the right talent, the right resources have come forward to connect all the dots and build India through sports with Quality Education (Skill Development), Good Health and Well Being,  Rural Infrastructure DevelopmentNo Poverty (Employment) as its key development goals.

The rural sports school initiative focus on integrating education and sports to cater the skill development, healthcare and employment needs of our fellow citizens in the rural India with a parallel focus on creating & empowering talent for Olympics 2024. It is also noted that Sports is not new for the rural sector, the champions born here – Mary Kom, Vijender Singh, Yogeshwar Dutt, Sakshi Mallik, P.T Usha, Dutee Chand, Dipa Karmakar  have already proved their mettle at multiple international events which gives us scope to uncover the true potential India has in its rural belt.


  1. To provide universal access to sports in rural areas and promote sports culture among boys & girls.
  2. To harness available & potential sporting talent among the rural youth.
  3. To put in place effective mechanism and nurture sporting talent in rural areas.
  4. To create a network of basic infrastructure for operation of a sports school and other aids for all round Human resources development.
  5. To create integration between Sports, Education & Health impacting on all round development of the society.
  6. To operate residential centre’s for enhanced scope of development.
  7. To provide nutrition as an aid for athlete development.
  8. To create employment opportunities in the field of sports and related services.
  9. To provide career guidance through the Sports Quota placements in Armed Forces, Railways or any other PSU’s.

Project Goals:

  • To increase the base and reach of the said sports, build quantitative and qualitative human resources, contribute to Skill India initiative and economic empowerment.
  • To harness potential sporting talent, empowering them keeping Olympic 2024 in Mind.

The project will also accomplish these additional goals:

  • Setting up basic infrastructure for quality sports, education and healthcare in rural.
  • Providing career counselling services and employment opportunities to the sportsperson.
  • Raising awareness on Good Health & Well Being, Chalking action plan to engage community into wellness activities.

Currently, Rural Sports School Initiative provides training in the following disciplines with a cost of around 1.3 Cr per school per year which includes training equipment, trainers, nutrition and aided services.

  1. Boxing
  2. Wrestling
  3. Gymnastics
  4. Athletics
  5. Fencing
  6. Weightlifting